I give myself permission.

Yes, it’s that simple, and sometimes that mind-boggling.


I give myself permission


to go crazy:

Have you heard the quote: Creativity is intelligence having fun? Allow yourself to do or write the opposite of what’s expected, to play around with themes and characters, to do something you’ve never done before or you’re not even good at.


to flow:

If you’ve got tons of possibilities or ideas (e.g. for your plot or what next project to take on), allow yourself to flow. If you’re trying to write „what the market requires“ and that feels hard, to write „what the readers want“ and it feels off, if you’re trying to make your design look more like somebody elses and it’s actually hard to do, allow yourself to stop pushing and to float, to flow, to let your joy & happiness lead you naturally.


to let it go (or let it be):

Remember that time when somebody criticized your writing harshly? (Of course you do.) When you collected rejections from agents and publishing houses? When something really stung in a writing class? Let that go. Let all the hurt and resentment and fear go, and if you can’t, just let it be there and pop up – but don’t act on it. You’ve come a long way and those events are actually behind you. Whatever was in the past needn’t define your future.


to vibrate higher:

So you’re actually in a tough time ort he industry is really doing badly or you’ve just had another rejection letter in the mail, or a troll in your feed? Allow yourself to have a great day nevertheless. How does that feel? Can you allow yourself to go for a 15 minute walk and listen to happy music, something funny, or just enjoy nature? Do it and allow yourself to be happy. Just like that.


to say yes or say no:

Allow yourself to say yes more to the things that bring you joy – even if it doesn’t make sense (or doesn’t make money). And absolutely allow yourself to say no if it doesn’t bring you closer to your goal. (That includes household chores. Nobody cares.) You may still feel odd or guilty – we’re all learning how to get better at this.


to change:

You once loved that genre but somehow you’ve outgrown it? You loved making designs but these days you’re thrilled to do copywriting? Allow yourself to change. It’s natural. And it doesn’t matter what it makes you look like or what anybody thinks. Change is constant, and you will always be a changing, growing being. Allow yourself that fully.


to be wrong:

Do you know how much I hate to be wrong? A lot of times, that makes me do – nothing. I don’t start creating because, what if what I say is wrong? What if that idea I’m investing my time in really sucks? What if I discover the secret to life tomorrow and it shows that my writing was done under a totally wrong view of the world? (If you know the secret to life, please contact me.) If we don’t allow ourselves to be wrong, we never start, we never create. We’re stagnant. And that, my dear, is against our very nature.


to fail:

Ah yes, failure. Have I told you about the time I had to throw away 300 pages? And that other time I had to do it AGAIN? Probably not, because I’m embarassed. But here’s what I learned: In order to be successful, you mustn’t avoid failure – you need to allow it. Because it’s a natural stepping stone towards your end result. Please consider this: All successful people have had tremendous failure on their way (and they fail all the time, they just continue anyway). Failure isn’t the opposite of success, it’s a part of the path. So, as much as I hate to fail – I allow it and move on.


to shine:

Do you know how you sabotage yourself sometimes? You could have finished that book by now, you could have made the deadline, you could have stopped scrolling through Facebook … But you didn’t. Sometimes we do stupid stuff because if we didn’t, we would be amazing, powerful, shining beings. Marianne Williamson says it best: „Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.“ If you’ve read this far, please be aware that when you allow yourself to shine, you inspire others to do so, too.


And if you find it hard to give yourself permission, I will do it!

Leave a comment which of these permissions you needed to get the most.


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